Area Rug Cleaning

Many area rugs are family heirlooms, while some Oriental or Middle Eastern carpets are actually valuable handmade carpets. You want your area rugs and carpets to look bright and smell fresh. Clean Sweep knows exactly what type of treatment to use on each individual area rug or carpet. Better Homes and Gardens recommends that area rugs get a deep restorative cleaning every 12- 18 months.

Depending on the situation, the technician may use a digital microscope to identity what type of threads the area rug is actually made from. Clean Sweep technicians are trained to know the best cleaning procedure for every type of area rug or carpet. Clean Sweep’s powerful area rug cleaning system will preserve the color fibers of your rug, while removing dirt and allergens, leaving the color of your rugs vibrant and fresh.

Clean Sweep specializes in cleaning your oriental and beautiful area rugs.

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Area Rug Cleaning

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