Dryer Vent Cleaning

Every home and property owner should keep their dryer vents inspected and cleaned regularly. Every time you do a load of clothes in the dryer, you're adding dirt and lint to your dryer vent.

Over time the dryer vent can fill up with a significant amount of dirt and lint, causing your dryer to work harder and use more electricity or gas to push more air through a lint-filled vent.

So much dirt! Clean Sweep can help!

Worst of all, ignoring your dryer vent as it fills with lint and dirt can be a significant fire hazard as the lint and cloth in it can catch fire.

Clean Sweep Carpet Cleaning can clean your dryer vents thoroughly to keep your dryer vents and equipment running efficiently and safely. We check your system with an annomonitor before and after to verify your air velocity is correct.

Protect your family, home, and dryer by calling for a FREE dryer vent inspection. Call us now at (515) 965-2460 for your FREE inspection and estimate.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

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