Flood Restoration & Water Damage

You want things back to normal fast and you want it done right. Clean Sweep can help! Carpets act like a sponge when flooded. Getting a professional team to remove the water as fast as possible is very important. Clean Sweep’s technicians will quickly remove virtually all of the flood water with our industrial truck mounted vacuums.

Next, they will bring in commercial dehumidifiers and air movers to quickly dry out the entire environment.

After the carpet and surrounding areas are dry, Clean Sweep Carpet Cleaning will then perform a Restorative Carpet Cleaning on any previously flooded carpets. Depending on the specific situation, Clean Sweep may add mold inhibiters to the final rinse or while the carpet is drying.

Iowa floods? Clean Sweep brings your house back to the way it should be!

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Flood Restoration & Water Damage

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