Premium Carpet Cleaning

Clean Sweep Carpet Cleaning is one of Iowa's best and most experienced carpet cleaning companies. Clean Sweep's Premium Carpet Cleaning uses a completely Green and very powerful steam cleaning process that leaves your carpet looking great and smelling fresh. Each of Clean Sweep’s trucks carry 200-300 gallons of specially treated water and high powered rear mounted industrial engines that heat the water into steam. High pressure steam is delivered through a hose to the technician’s cleaning wand. The mixture of steam and high pressured water permeates through your carpet and removes virtually all dirt, oils, and allergens.

The same system also runs a huge industrial vacuum, mounted in the back of each truck, which removes at least 96% of the water. So drying time is fast - under normal conditions your carpet should be dry within hours – almost always the same day.

We clean your best carpets, so they stay your best carpets.

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Premium Carpet Cleaning

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